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AirPods Pro VS AirPods 2

comparison between AirPods pro and Airpods 2.

AirPods Pro VS AirPods 2

So, guys, the point of discussion in this article would be the comparison between AirPods Pro VS AirPods 2

Both are Apple products with almost similar functionality but having a slight difference.

That would be our point of comparison to compete for both masterpieces and elect a winner.

AirPods Pro VS AirPods 2 Case Comparison:

Both AirPod’s have the same type of case made up of the same premium quality material with a perfect design.

Case of AirPods 2 is a little longer in length while AirPods pro case carries more width. You will find an aluminum hinge on both cases so that it can be opened with ease.

AirPod 2 has a wireless as well as a cable chargeable case whereas AirPod pro comes with an only wireless chargeable case.

AirPods Pro VS AirPods 2

AirPods Pro VS AirPods 2 Buds style:

AirPod 2 comes with the shape of buds similar to original earphones of the iPhone.

Whereas, AirPod pro has a different and elegant style of buds that fits in the ear hole because of its different shape and rubber technology.

AirPod Pro has got a very elegant design.

AirPods Pro VS AirPods 2


Gesture Technology:

Both Airpod’s have different gesture technology. AirPod 2 has a tap technology to perform any operation related to attending a call or playing music.

Whereas, AirPod pro has got squeeze technology for the same tasks to be performed in AirPod pro than it is necessary to squeeze the bottom of AirPod.

Water Resistance:

Neither of the AirPods is water-resistant or waterproof. But, AirPod Pro has the advantage of being Ipx4 that claim about being safe under a sweating situation. Just as keeping it in the ear while doing a workout that will cause you a lot of sweat in-ear so. AirPod pro has this benefit over AirPod 2.

Specs Comparison:

  • Both AirPod’s have the same version of Bluetooth 5.0
  • They both have got H11 chipset

Noise Cancellation:

Only AirPod’s pro has got the feature of noise cancellation which could be both active and passive noise cancellation whereas AirPod 2 has no such capability of noise cancellation.

Noise cancellation can happen in 2 ways, through rubber tips by changing the size to fit the earpiece so no other voices enter through your sealed earpiece.

Another way is to turn on noise cancellation through a button when you pressed the soundbar while keeping the pods connected.

Loudness Quality:

Loudness quality is the same in both. They are equally loud and audible

Call Quality:

Call quality is the same in both with top quality sound on call.

 If it is about longs calls than AirPod 2 could win the race in call quality because the rubber tips of Pro could start hurting in earpiece if kept constant for a long time.


Both AirPod’s are a tough competitors to each other and no doubt favoring one of them would be so unfair.

If the user wants a premium look than AirPod pro are the winner. But, if he wants to have continuous use throughout the day than AirPod 2 would be a suitable option.

They both are best according to the usage. For the latest update on iPhone 12 surf our website


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