Latest Technology Trends & Updates 2020

Linux Smartphone can be used as a PC

Latest Technology Trends & Updates 2020

Now New cheap Linux Smartphone can be used as a PC

Latest Technology Trends & Updates 2020 includes the most significant feature of new cheap Linux smartphonePine64, a manufacturer of Linux smartphones, has introduced its new PinePhone Convergence Package handset that can exactly work like a PC when plugged to an external LED and a keyboard.

 PinePoLinux smartphone is based on the Alpine Linux-based PostmarketOS and can be used for both in smartphone and desktop modes. The smartphone mode works exactly anyone expects from a Linux-based handset. Since the desktop mode currently works like the 2nd screen to the device, meaning more features are coming soon.

Latest Technology Trends & Updates 2020

Apple unfold Ground-Breaking iPad Pencil features

For creative iPad users The Apple Pencil offers amazing accuracy, Apple announced in the news how the tool can be used entirely new perspective, offering features which are never seen before.

Apple putting extra effort into this Apple Pencil that embraces the latest color-sensing hardware. To enable the customer to copy a color from a real-world object and then instantly start drawing with that same color on any Apple Device. This technology would create amazing creative possibilities for Apple devices such as taking color measurements from printed items, colored objects such as pieces of furniture, human skin, and plants.

Now you can share your Mobile screen using Facebook Messenger

Latest Technology Trends & Updates 2020

In video conferencing apps the capability to share your screen is a fundamental feature. However, we don’t witness it often in personal video calling apps. Facebook is updating its Messenger video calling services in the coming months and now they are adding screen sharing features.

Facebook messenger on the desktop can share Screen with other users who are using Facebook Messenger on Desktop. The feature is supported in one-on-one video calls and also in group calls with up to 8 people or 16 people in rooms.

To use Screen sharing on the mobile phone simply swipe up in a call to reveal the “share your screen” option. After a couple of confirmations to make sure you want to start sharing your screen. You will be broadcasting a live view of your phone’s screen.

Leaked features of Huawei MATEBOOK D RYZEN

Latest Technology Trends & Updates 2020

After the successful launch of Honor’s first notebook ever equipped with an AMD chip. Moreover, before that, Redmi released its model and it was sold out swiftly. This simply means for average customers the processor brand doesn’t matter. But on the other hand, the AMD chips are way cheaper than Intel.

This also means we should wait for more AMD notebooks to be launched by top brands. Well, by ‘top brands’, we mean the smartphone makers that start making laptops. A blogger working for Weibo exposed features of Huawei Mate Book D Ryzen version.

New emojis coming to iOS 14

On World Emoji Day (July 17) Apple marked the occasion by displaying a collection of new emojis that will be available to Apple customers worldwide with the release of iOS 14 later this fall. Dodo bird, nesting dolls, pinata, “Italian” pinched hand gesture, boomerang, ninja, and tamale are the new 13 characters that are included in the emoji package.

So these are the latest technology trends & Updates 2020. For the Whatsapp latest update surf our website.


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