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Samsung Galaxy M31s

Galaxy M31 Samsung has launched an addition to its M series

Samsung Galaxy M31s

So just after the launch of Galaxy M31 Samsung has launched an addition to its M series that is Galaxy M31s which is surely a valuable asset in itself too. The phone is launched with a little upgrade in the design that was already launched for previous versions of the M series.

What’s different is that the phone is now equipped with gradient coloring on the back which provides a factor of uniqueness and identity to the phone. The glossy back finish also gives a feeling of satisfaction while looking at it.

There is a transformation in the display from a waterdrop notch to a centered hole punch with the camera being small enough not allowing the software aesthetic to be ignored.

Samsung always has one of its unique features and as long as it facilitates the customers in a sense of relief this feature must be continued that is the use of polycarbonate to create back panel, buttons, and mid-frame at a low cost passing the relief on to the customers. Just like all other phones this device is also made of polycarbonate.

Another advantage of polycarbonate phones is that these phones weigh less such as if the phone contains a battery of 6000mAh then it will not tire up your wrist with its weight due to the use of polycarbonate.

The Samsung Galaxy M31 has retained the same camera specifications as its predecessor but of course with some additions too. The primary 64MP sensor is now the Sony IMX682 which allows you to capture videos of 4k quality at 30 frames per second. Apart from this, there are some software additions to the camera too that is you now get a feature called Single Take which allows the user to capture up to 10 seconds of photage with a wide range of capture modes which include live focus, smart crop, and AI filter as well.

With the 6.5 FHD super AMOLED display, the viewability and other qualities of the phone are quite satisfying. Another change that we observe in the galaxy M31s is that we do not see any rear fingerprint scanner as it has been moved to the side which doubles as the power button.

But there is no compromise on the speed and reliability of it because it is as same as the conventional rear fingerprint scanner.

While looking at the performance we see that Samsung Galaxy M31s comes with the Exynos 9611 SoC that employs 4 ARM Cortex-A73 cores clocked at up to 2.3GHz and 4 ARM Cortex-A53 cores clocked at up to 1.7GHz.

The same configurations were there in some of the previous Samsung phones but the addition to Samsung galaxy M31s is the 128 GB storage has come up with standard size and there you got an option of 8GB RAM.

The phone runs on Android 10 with One UI core 2.1 on the top which is an up-gradation to the phone as its previous versions were equipped with One UI Core 2.0.

Last but not the least the best feature of all is the battery as it holds a 6000mAh huge battery which facilitates the social media users and especially all the gamers and reduces the worries of fast battery drainage.

So we see that Samsung Galaxy M31s is a good phone on its own as it is a small up-gradation from its predecessors in many areas but it is no doubt that the phone itself maintains a standard and has its own Brand Identity.


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