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Artificial intelligence | Societal Transforming era of Artificial Intelligence

Societal Transforming era of Artificial Intelligence

Societal Transforming era of Artificial Intelligence

Societal Transforming era of Artificial Intelligence and its impacts on Mobile Technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing an incredible role in all walks of life in Technology, Business, Travel, and Netflix, etc. to improve user experience in increasing sales, getting new customers, self-driving cars, and airline autopilot. Artificial Intelligence is based on most of the human abilities such as logical reasoning, problem-solving, and gathering knowledge, So Artificial Intelligence includes those abilities to learn how to gather data, solve problems and make intelligent decisions. Every industry has recognized that Artificial intelligence is the future and implementation of AI is necessary to compete with your opponents. AI is revolutionizing Mobile Technology to enhance and introduce new features in Smartphones.

Here are some of the AI applications in Mobile Industry:

  1. AI & Smart Phone Camera 

All Mobile brands are focusing on how to provide improve Smartphone cameras using AI techniques and image processing to detect certain elements of pictures such as faces, food items, and landscape. After those certain subject detection, Smartphones can edit and enhance picture quality.

The A12 Bionic AI process in the iPhone XS recognizes the environment to enhance photos during capturing and can capture multiple photos and choose the best amongst them. Huawei’s new Kirin 980 processor which is featured in Huawei mate 20 (Pro) provides facial recognition, on-screen translation, and scene recognition capabilities.

Huawei’s Honor 10 AI camera split the picture into different categories and then allows them to edit such a section separately via applications. OPPO F7 AI Beauty 2.0 Technology provides facial recognition capabilities, beautification features for different gender and age to capture amazing selfies. Samsung S20 uses AI Techniques allows you to take capture different versions of the single moment by multiple cameras and excellent image processing abilities for extra zooming up to 100X digital zoom.

Artificial intelligence
  • AI & Phone Battery 

Android DeepMind collaborated to improve battery life. They developed an AI-packed feature called “Adaptive Battery” to monitor the phone’s battery consumption and automatically close background running apps.

  • AI and Search Engines

A few years ago Users searched for data on search Engines in text mode. Decent developments in AI changed the manual search method and users can interact with Search Engines by images and voices to search the data. Due to the change in the method approach, Android/Apple developers had to develop voice and image recognition systems to support these search methods. Now you can search for anything online on iPhone with the help of Siri, and in the android OS with the help of Google Assistant. 

Artificial intelligence
  • AI and the Internet of things (IoT)

The Internet Of Things is a combination of internet-connected devices equipped with sensors and small amounts of processing power. This includes everything from smart-watches, connected traffic lights, buses, and stops that communicate with each other and even children’s backpacks. All of these devices generate streams of data and in that data lie the solutions to many of the problems we face but can’t solve. AI will make drastic changes by collecting all the real-time data and processing that data so that devices learn to function on their own. Therefore, AI is providing enough data to Android/Apple developers to learn and execute with all that information exchanged among various devices and then take all the necessary action to solve the various problems.

So these are the applications of Artificial Intelligence. Want to know about Bitcoins? Surf our website for the latest technology and trends.

Artificial intelligence


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