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The War Intel Vs Nvidia

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The War (Intel Vs Nvidia)

Intel vs Nvidia, the techno war has begun between both companies while providing their customers with the best of graphic devices.

Intel had no competitor in past it was the leader of the techno world in terms of graphics. But, the situations have completely changed now.

The boss company is now having a competitor and not just a competitor. Whereas, a company that developed in a quick time and beat the sale of intel by providing innovative graphic cards fulfilling all the requirements of the customers all over the globe.

What do they both provide?

Both companies almost go for the same, it is about the field of providing heavy graphics, but a slight variation that is intel produces integrated graphics which is commonly known as “IGFX”

The term IGFX means that intel produces built-in graphic cards such as a GPU integrated into a CPU chip. Whereas  Nvidia produces a dedicated graphics card which is also considered as a mini graphic processing system.

This is more powerful than integrated graphics and has more value in the modern world that’s why nowadays everyone is switching towards Nvidia.

Which one is better? Nvidia or Intel:

In the previous years, intel has proved to be a better option over Nvidia as no one required the dedicated graphics to continue their work. But if we discuss the current time such as from 2018 till now than the statement would change because in modern time there is much need for heavy graphics even if one is doing freelancing yet he will require a good graphic card which intel can’t provide as compared to Nvidia, so hence its clear that demand of time is Nvidia.

Market Valuation:

For the first time in history, Nvidia has become the leading chipmaker in the US and the 3rd largest all over the globe by beating intel in the market valuation.

The total market cap of Nvidia has become $251.31 billion while Intel keeps a market cap of $248.16 billion.

So, it is obvious that intel has been surpassed by Nvidia which shows that the market war has also begun between both competitors.

The Winner and reason behind its win:

We have taken a very deep look over both companies but there always will be only one winner at the end and the stats clearly show that the winner is Nvidia.

The reason behind such a tremendous win is the conditions caused by Covid-19 as people had to work from home,for that, they required heavy graphic cards and networking modules which produce no better than Nvidia as it has even carved its name tag over the Chinese market.

Which is no doubt the biggest market of Asia.

Nvidia has produced a lot of innovative technologies such as beast among graphic cards and networking modules.

If it’s about the matter of networking while considering all the above aspects and even by observing the demand of pre-announced products by Nvidia, like the upcoming RTX-3000 series which looks like a beast innovation of 2020.


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